Richard Church asks us to pray for:

  • We give thanks for the enthusiasm shown at autumn synods for the Walking the Way emphasis.
  • We pray that the diversity of projects emerging around the country can remain  united in purpose.
  • In particular we pray that the emphasis on the whole of life discipleship can be widely understood and we can encourage each other to be effective disciples in our weekday contexts.
  • Dr Sam Richards as she take up her appointment as Head of Children & Youth Work particularly as we ponder how to make Walking the Way truly intergenerational.
  • Film clips that re being prepared to illustrate different aspects of Holy Habits as they are practiced around the country. For wisdom over the selection and care over how the stories are put together.

Stephen Newell, member of the planning group, asks us to pray for:

  • The resources being put together to launch walking the way. Specifically the prayer resources, and also for the editing of a VOX POP video survey asking people to think about ‘what they’d expect to see in the life of someone who says they are a Christian’ and ‘what do people think churches are for.’
  • Work on a short animation to try and light-heartedly point people towards a missional discipleship, ie a discipleship which co-operates with God in every aspect of our lives not just on Sundays or in church meetings.

John Proctor, URC General Secretary, asks us to pray for:

  • Our local churches – for a spirit of hope and expectancy, a belief that God can work through them and in their local communities in ways that stretch far beyond their own uncertainties and fears
  • Our synods and their moderators – for vision that stays clear, even when problems are many, and for the ability to communicate this with confidence and faith among their churches
  • Walking the Way – for good material, that will be both realistic in meeting local needs and spiritually refreshing in kindling new energy and joy in Christ
  • For the staff of the central office – for the ability to settle quickly when we move back to base in July, and for a spirit of sensitivity and service to the local churches and people of the URC
  • Education and Learning, planning a new strategy for lay training around the URC in the post-Windermere era.
  • Ministries, looking at call in new ways, to help us address the challenges of scoping.
  • Children and Youth Work, keen to review all their work, once they appoint a new Head of C+YW.
  • New convenors taken post this month: Jenny Mills in Children’s and Youth Work, Alan Spence in Faith and Order, Ian Hardie in Finance.
  • New staff secretary taken post this month: Philip Brooks, attending to ecumenical and interfaith relations.