The URC has signed up to HOPE, and is represented in the initiative by Rev Andrew Willett.

HOPE's Friday Focus 2017 calls churches to unite across our nations, praying together on Fridays (whenever possible) supporting ongoing mission across the UK and preparing the way for HOPE 2018.

Each week Friday Focus will take a different theme: supporting national initiatives of prayer and mission; key seasons in the church’s calendar; the different people groups highlighted in the Talking Jesus report (; the people we know and meet; the communities we are part of, and the places where we live.

Leaders from denominations, mission and prayer organisations and networks are writing the reflections based on a Bible passage, and there is also be a written prayer to accompany each theme. Use Prayer Focus for private prayer or in church services and prayer meetings.


Resources include:-

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PowerPoints prayer requests

Week beginning Sunday 12 August 2018

  • Please pray for John Ellis as Council for World Mission Treasurer, currently half-way through a four-year term: lots of work, lots of travel, lots of resource to make available to the world wide family of churches
  • Please pray for Adeyfield Free Church. They are having a challenging and rewarding time this autumn and would value prayer - they leave their current site on the 24th August, and hope to be in the new building in mid November. They’d value prayer cover for the transition, for a real sense of renewed energy and God's purpose as they move into our new site, and for God's provision to meet budgets